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G80 Clevis self locking hook (SL-82)

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Self-locking hook (SL-82) is a type of lifting hooks according to class G80, used as end elements in the construction of single-branch and multi-branch chain slings. A distinctive feature of SL-82 hooks is the presence of a self-locking device, which eliminates the possibility of a suspended load slipping out of the hook mouth and makes working with loads more convenient and safe.

Rigging fork hooks SL-82, in accordance with the provisions of the standard EN1677-2: 2017, are made of alloy steel with a yield strength class G80. The manufacturer specifies a safety factor for the hooks of 4: 1. To connect the hook to the chain, a special fork coupling is used, the docking dimensions of which correspond to the caliber of the lifting chain with the same lifting capacity parameters.

In the online store "Carger Group" you can order the required number of self-locking rigging hooks SL-82 with fork coupling in one click. The main standard sizes of hooks are presented in the range of lifting capacities 1.12 - 12.5 tons. A product passport is attached to the order. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine

 WLL, t
 A, mm
 H, mm
L, mm M, mm  Weight, t
 1,12  27.7  23.0  95.0  18.0  0.53
 2,0  35.0  28.0  118.0  22.0  0.9
 3,15  44.0  36.0  142.0  28.0  1.5
 5,3  52.0  47.0  177.0  36.0  3.3
 8,0  65.0  55.0  206.0  41.0  5.3
 12,5  78.0  70.0  230.0  43.0  7.3


EN 1677-2:2014
Safety factor
High strength alloy steel
6 months

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