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Webbing sling

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Webbing sling is a multi-turn load-gripping device for lifting and moving loads. The webbing sling is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1492-1: 2016 standard from a lifting polyester webbing with a safety factor of 7: 1. The lifting webbing sling can be of different colors to match the rated capacity of the strap sling. The sling eye are sewn with heavy-duty threads on industrial sewing machines using a special stitching algorithm.

Webbing slings are flexible, lightweight and easy to use. They do not damage the load, in contrast to steel rope and chain slings. After manufacture, each textile sling is subjected to a load test that exceeds the rated load capacity of the product. The tested products receive a serial number with an entry in the issuing journal and a quality certificate.

The production company Carger Group accepts orders for the manufacture of textile slings in any quantity from 1 unit. From us you can profitably buy webbing slings with a carrying capacity of 1 - 25 tons of any desired length. Delivery of the order is carried out throughout Ukraine by a convenient carrier for the customer.

Webbing width, мм Webbing color WLL, t
50  1.0 
60 2.0
90 3.0
120 4.0
150 5.0
180 6.0
240 8.0
300 10.0
300 12.0
240 16.0
300 20.0
300 25.0


EN 1492-1:2016, EN 1492-2:2016
Safety factor
100% Polyester
3 months
Accompanying documents

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